Bad Habits of College Students

This video is about the bad habits that most college students obtain, from the stresses of college. Smoking, bad eating habits, lack of sleep and unsafe sex are all common bad habits amongst college students. This video is being presented by a guy who appears to be in college, so it seems to be very credible. This guy who is publicly speaking about these issues uses visuals and statistics to ensure validity amongst his presentation. This person can improve by wearing a different shirt (his shirt literally blended in with the background. It was weird.). He can also be much more confident and rehearsed. It seemed kind of like it was his first time presenting these issues and he couldn’t get his words out in an organized manner.


Iowa State University

This image uses attractive, seemingly successful students and school colors to make the school seem desirable for future students.

I would talk about the choice of students how they are arranged, how they look, etc. to explain why people would want to go to the school. I’d also talk about how they are seemingly successful based on the shirts they are wearing. This would be a great ad to hang in high schools, magazines and newspapers to target high school seniors who are picking schools and parents who are helping their kids find schools.

Guide to Student Loans

Glater, Jonathon. “Guide to Student Loans.” The New York Times. 30 Nov. 2007. Web. 2 Sept. 2014.

In this informational article, The New York Times describes the different types of loans that students can take out, the interest on federal loans, what a FAFSA is and how to file one and how to shop for federal loans. There are two types of federal loans: federal loans from the government directly, and federal loans through the bank. In addition to these federal loans, there are also loans available from banks and private lenders. When taking out a student loan, looking at the interest is very important. The average interest on students loans is between 5% and 8.5%. When taking out a loan, shopping for loans is important in order to find the best loan for your circumstance.