Greek Life v. Clubs

Managing time in college is tough, especially when you are in a sorority. People tell you to make sure you go to class, spend hours on homework, study for tests, maintain a social life, have a job, get plenty of sleep and join clubs. With only 24 hours in a day, how can we accomplish all of this?

For me, being involved with my sorority overrides joining a club. Clubs are a way to get involved with your major or maybe something you’re interested in, but I found other ways to do that. I’m involved with my major my going to class everyday and maintaining an acceptable GPA that future employers will appreciate. Finding friends through my sorority and doing different activities with them is what I’m interested in, I don’t need a club to help me with that. As for clubs and involvement looking good on a resume, I’d have to disagree. Putting down “member of the soccer club” on a resume doesn’t make you look any more employable. However, being a member of greek life, I’m happy to put down that I helped raise money for Reading is Fundamental and Iowa State Dance Marathon. It show my care and appreciation for something bigger than myself and how hard me and my friends worked to put on philanthropic events.

It’s said that you’re not a well-rounded student if you don’t have club involvement, but I disagree. My involvement in greek life has benefited me more than any club could. It’s given me opportunities to hold leadership positions in the house, bettered my GPA with the help of an educational network, and improve my social skills which will benefit me greatly in the future. No club, no matter how prestigious, could give me the benefits that greek life has given me so far.

To make my argument, i’m giving examples of how greek life has benefited me. I’m also giving reasons clubs benefit students, but counteract it with a way that greek life (in some way) has benefited me in the same way a club is supposed to.


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