Selling Alcohol in College Stadiums

As of right now, not many college stadiums allow for alcohol to be sold for various reasons, however, colleges are starting to consider it. One side of this argument is that selling alcohol at games should be permitted due to the fact that NCAA games are considered a family event and college students would get too rowdy when introduced to alcohol in the stadium. People who agree with this side are families of young kids and those who are liable for any accidents that may occur in the stadium. I think their beliefs are very logical. They make a good point, however there are many other sides to the argument. Another side of this argument is that alcohol should be served because it makes the stadium and the school more money. At SMU, wine and beer was sold at twelve home basketball games. The alcohol sales netted into the six figures. Owners of alcohol companies and the stadium agree with this side because it helps them financially. Another reason to serve alcohol in the games is for safety. This may seem backwards, however, when people know that alcohol is not going to be served in the game, they drink extremely heavily prior, in order to avoid sobering up during the game. This is very dangerous and causes games to get too rowdy. With alcohol being sold in the stadium, the tailgaters don’t feel as apt to drink as much before the game since they can casually drink during the game. Stadiums who have allowed alcohol in the stadium have had minimum alcohol-related arrests as well as very little alcohol related injuries. Even though there are few reasons why alcohol shouldn’t be served in stadiums, the biggest conference in The United States (The SEC), are going to hold off serving alcohol due security and crowd behavior.


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