Blog Revision (Bad Habits of College Students)

Bad Habits Visual Analysis

The Video title: “TED talk: Bad Habits of College Students”, describes the many poor habits that college aged kids have and why they have these poor habits. Smoking, bad eating habits and unsafe sex are just a few common bad habits amongst college students. Most of these habits stem from the stresses of living without parents, studying, social life and more.The video is being presented by a college aged man, showing credibility. If an older or younger man were to present this video, credibility would be lost. Although credibility is there, the man presenting this video also uses countless visuals and statistics in order to ensure validity. These visuals are conveyed using a powerpoint presentation behind him. Although I thought this presentation was informative and reliable, it lacked many aspects that every good presentation needs.

First, the presenter should have dressed in nicer attire. Wearing a tee shirt and jeans made it seem as if what he was talking about had no importance. If he were to have dressed nicer, the audience would have been more inclined to pay attention and take this presentation seriously. He also seemed like it was his first time presenting about this topic. Good presenters are rehearsed and confident. This presentation lacked both of these things. He stumbled over his words and didn’t look confident. Even though he took the time to remember his presentation without any notes, he needs to find comfort in what he is saying. The lack of confidence shown during this presentation made his credible information seem less reliable.

Overall, the presentation could have been a lot better. Although the important information, statistics, and visuals were there, it needed much more. I think that with more practice and confidence, the presenter would have found the comfort he needs in order to make his mediocre presentation perfect.


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